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The BISA engagement program is an immersive educational experience that is designed to develop and grow the capacity of Ghana’s youth for leadership – specifically, it aims to nurture knowledgeable, ethical and compassionate leaders who know the real Ghana and how it works. Participants will work collaboratively with learners from other parts of Ghana, Africa and the world, to engage a needy but aspirational community in a range of community-based projects that expand and improve life’s possibilities for the less fortunate. These projects include:
Construction of social amenities
Knowledge sharing: Numeracy, Literacy and Technology-based work
Participation in Bisa’s food industry – seed to table approach
Shared Language and Culture learning
Health and wellness activities
Integral to the Bisa engagement program are educational trips from which participants learn about Ghana’s past, present and future. This program, should support participants to develop transformative life-long knowledge, skills and attitudes across a wide range of areas, including:
First-hand knowledge of Ghana’s history, culture, politics, geography, economy etc.
Communication across cultures
Relationship building, Collaboration and teamwork
Critical thinking and Problem-solving
Self-management – personal discipline, organisation, punctuality, respectful communication, goal setting and goal getting, health, wellbeing and fitness
Perseverance, resilienceFor students undertaking International Baccalaureate programmes – MYP; DP; CP – the Service Learning opportunities within the Bisa Engagement program make it an authentic learning context for meeting the requirements of Service as Action and CAS

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